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Update: Xmas 2001, Grenada

Hog Island anchorage
We left Coral Cove on 18th December - over six months since we had last been sailing! Leaving after lunch, we motored round to Scotland Bay, where we anchored to prepare the evening meal. It was very peaceful in the bay, but we didn't really get to appreciate it - I noticed that the red light of the fridge compressor had come on, and Graham spent the next couple of hours lying on his back, to reach into the space underneath, and swapped the controller for a spare (we had stocked up with perishables in Trinidad...). 
We had planned to leave before dark, but then the engine stalled! G  bled the engine and got it restarted and it was already dusk by the time we had our anchor up. It was a lovely starry night, with NE wind at 10 -15 knots and we were within sight of our good friend Jim on Hand Basket much of the time. Later the wind backed more to the East and the Trade Winds steadied, with occasional squalls. Arriving off Grenada after dawn, we got a call on the VHF from Overstreet and we headed straight in to Hog Island, our chosen anchorage for Xmas.
It was delightful to be back at anchor in lovely, peaceful and breezy Hog Island, after the industry, bustle and humidity of Trinidad. There were fewer boats than last year, so we had plenty of room. After some Xmas shopping in St Georges (with an obligatory roti stop at the Nutmeg), we were ready for the festive season. In company with Overstreet, Hand Basket, Loon, and Matthew Lawe we spent several days feasting and enjoying ourselves. Hope the rest of the anchorage wasn't too disturbed by the singalong on Xmas Eve..... On Xmas Day, Simon & Linda brought the veggies and Jim brought his banjo onboard and we had Xmas Lunch followed by another musical session.

L-R: Steve, Graham, Jim, Carol, Susan, B, Linda, Matthew and Dave aboard Overstreet on Xmas Eve
In Hog Island, the (only) place to go is Roger's Bar. Now he has steel pan musicians to provide entertainment for the regular Sunday BBQ, and as usual it is a good place to meet other cruisers and watch the sunset. 

With development planned for the island, this may be the last season in which to enjoy this special anchorage.

Left: Hog Island, with Roger's unobtrusive bar

Having both had rotten chesty colds, we had a quiet New Year's Eve, and then started back to the 'To Do' list. Graham prepared the woodwork on the coachroof for applying Bristol Finish (a multi-part urethane finish which promises to be more durable than varnish) while B started the Latin American Spanish course on the computer and became the Hog Island hairdresser.....

Right: B cutting Dave's hair

The weather was good, mostly clear sunny skies, with a lovely breeze, until I did the laundry, when it rained for two days....

On 4th January we moved around to Prickly Bay and went ashore to Castaways for dinner with Dave, Carol and Katie. We met Tim and Jean (Sassie) at the Spice Island jump up, and said farewell to our Hog Island chums as we prepared to head north. We left Prickly next morning and motor sailed up the coast, trying to find the wind. The weather deteriorated and the seas became very lumpy. 

Left: Katie got her hair braided on Grand Anse (not by B!)

We left the submarine volcano, Kick Em Jenny, well to the East - although this is no longer erupting and the status has been downgraded from orange to yellow, there is a risk of gas upwellings from the volcano, which could be sufficient to lower the water density, allowing any vessel above to sink like a stone, so it is essential to give this area a wide berth... 

After that, conditions improved and we had a great sail up to Tyrell Bay, where we anchored near to the Turtle Dove, where we later had a delicious pizza. Next day we visited the Carriacou Yacht Club, which ranks as our favourite in the world so far, and enjoyed a tasty lunch on their verandah overlooking their gardens and the bay.

Right:  making the flags for our forthcoming adventures (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba)

Cruisers Notes:
Hog Island is a great place to get away from it all, so you have to dinghy to Woburn or Secret Harbour for shops and services.
Take the bus from Woburn (1.75 EC each way) or Darius' taxi for cruisers from Secret Harbour (7 EC return) to go to St George for provisioning. Fresh produce market is best on Friday and Saturday. Marketing Board on Young Street (near Tikal for gifts and Art Fabrik for batik) has a good range of fruit and veg, priced. Food Fair supermarket (by the Nutmeg) is good, and supermarket in Spice Mall (near Grand Anse) has more imported goods. CKs for case lots, wine and beer. Small shops at Prickly Bay, Secret Harbour or Woburn for essentials and fresh bread.
Propane refills at Secret Harbour 60EC for 20lbs. 
Internet - my favourite place of all is Island View Restaurant, where you can sit by a window overlooking Clarkes Court Bay and use their computer for 10EC per hour, while doing laundry downstairs at 5EC per load (but only one machine in each case...). Otherwise we have used Hankeys in St Georges and Spice Island Marine at Prickly (fast but expensive).
Restuarants: Great Rotis at the Nutmeg, St George (9EC). Good Chinese -  Choo Light, Prickly Bay. Roger's BBQ on Sunday afternoon, Hog Island 15EC. Great fish and chips at Castaways, Prickly Bay
Roger's Bar, Hog Island
Left: Dave & Carol (Overstreet) and Susan & Steve (Loon)
Right: Bob & Barb (Freya)
Below Left: Jim helps Simon and Linda (Matthew Lawe) aboard
Below Right: Jim, the banjo player (Hand Basket)
Caribbean Xmas
 Now the following sequence may need an explanation, but let me just tell you that it was Xmas Eve and the song was something about reindeer...
I think we got the Christmas spirit pretty well, considering...
Left: our interior lighting. Centre: Xmas dinner aboard Oasis - Turkey, ham, stuffing, scalloped potatoes, broccoli, carrots and sweet potatoes, cranberry relish, gravy (and Xmas pudding and brandy butter to follow).  Right: We even found a small xmas tree in St Georges. 
We hope you had a wonderful Xmas, wherever you were, and here's wishing you a happy and healthy 2002

All photographs © Graham Berry 2001, 2002. All images have been size reduced and compressed. High quality digital images available by arrangement.

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