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Update:     Meal Plan for Atlantic Crossing Nov/Dec 2000   

As part of our preparation for the passage, I prepared a complete meal plan for 4 weeks. My inspiration came from Lyn Pardey, whose book 'Care and Provisioning for the Offshore Crew' is a classic. This helped me with the provisioning, enabling me to be certain that I would have all the ingredients necessary for a wide variety of meals, as well as having suffucient quantity of all the staples. Of course, I didn't stick to the plan slavishly, adapting as necessary to the inevitable glut of produce going ripe, or the lack of an item that had gone past it's best, as well as to the sudden flashes of inspiration and culinary inventiveness that can strike in the midst of a watch. Having a plan also meant that when I wasn't inspired I could just follow it. In addition to the day by day menus, I always had on hand a number of easy meals, which could be substituted for any meal when weather conditions meant that galley work was just too challenging. I think the plan worked well, and in fact I must have followed it at least 50% of the time. In the table below the plan has been updated to show what we actually had to eat each day.

Bear in mind that provisioning of fresh foods was done in the Canary Islands, whilst I had stocked up beforehand on certain things in Gibraltar and Spain.

Wk1 Sun 26 Nov
leaving Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria
Mon 27 Nov Tue 28 Nov Wed 29 Nov Thu 30 Nov Fri 1 Dec Sat 2 Dec
breakfast sausage, egg, tomato granola & fresh fruit, toast muesli & fresh fruit granola & fresh fruit boiled eggs, toast granola & fresh fruit bread & peanut butter
lunch quiche lorraine & salad quiche lorraine & salad sausage & onion sandwich toasted cheese & salami baguette tuna mayonnaise sandwich salad nicoise egg mayonnaise sandwich
snack almond cakes   almond cake almond cake melon   sponge cake (magdalena)
salad/ starter     cucumber raita avocado cocktail      
dinner spaghetti bolognese shepherd's pie chicken curry with rice & banana pasta with creamy mushroom sauce braised chicken & cous-cous albondigas (canned Spanish meat balls) & rice (easy) stir fry beef & leeks with noodles
dessert flan grapes flan banana & yoghurt banana & yoghurt   yoghurt & banana
Notes prepared bolognese sauce and quiche before passage oil pressure indicator failed; heard whales prepared chicken curry before passage   boiled extra eggs for tomorrow; in the Tropics now! baked bread; last of the lettuce; ROLLING DOWNWIND  
Distance 66 nm 103 nm 121 nm 110 nm 117 nm 131 nm 130 nm
Wk2 Sun 3 Dec Mon 4 Dec Tue 5 Dec Wed 6 Dec Thu 7 Dec Fri 8 Dec Sat 9 Dec
breakfast bacon, eggs, baked beans, toast granola & banana granola & banana granola & banana bread & peanut butter/granola & banana granola & banana boiled eggs & toast
lunch cheese sandwich ham & cheese sandwich tomato & coleslaw, cheese, salami, bread hot dogs pate on toast with tomato corned beef sandwich corned beef sandwich
snack orange crisps tortilla chips       pringles
salad/ starter   celebration margaritas!   taco chips celebration margaritas!    
dinner chicken paella chilli, tacos, rice spanish tortilla & chorizo leftover chilli & guacamole canned vegetable ravioli (easy) spicy veg & chickpeas with cous-cous same as yesterday
dessert flan/natillas   yoghurt & honey   apricot magdalena & custard   fruit salad
Notes   started sprouting seeds; 
1000 miles! ROLLING
drifter up, better motion made bread; end of the avocados HALFWAY DAY! 
Autopilot broken, lost boathook, dorade box knocked off
  granola all gone; 
loo blocked
Distance 120 nm 125 nm 134 nm 121 nm 133 nm 124 nm 110 nm
Wk3 Sun 10 Dec Mon 11 Dec Tue 12 Dec Wed 13 Dec Thu 14 Dec Fri 15 Dec Sat 16 Dec
breakfast muesli & fresh fruit salad muesli & fresh fruit salad peanut butter & toast peanut butter & toast muesli or toast toast toast
lunch toasted ham & cheese sandwiches bacon & scrambled egg chef's salad (turkey, feta, cabbage, alfalfa sprouts, onion, tomato) salmon loaf sandwiches cabbage salad gazpacho & fresh bread humus, potato salad, feta, olives & mortadella
snack toblerone dates          
salad   alfalfa & pimiento salad   tomato, onion, olive & feta salad celebration margaritas! prawn crackers  
dinner corned beef hash & baked beans tofu stir fry with beanshoots & brown rice salmon loaf & lemon sauce, baked potatoes fried sliced ham, new potatoes, peas tortellini venus (easy) thai red chicken curry with noodles gado gado with satay sauce & brown rice
dessert   pineapple & custard   flan or natillas     satsumas
Notes less than 1000 miles to go! 
"Joe Cool" passed us
baked bread; found mouldy eggs Dolphins at sunset   Dolphins at sunset; 
less than 500 miles to go
baked bread; threw out remaining kiwi, bananas etc  
 Distance 109 nm 125 nm 139 nm 136 nm 133 nm 130 nm 109 nm
Wk4 Sun 17 Dec Mon 18 Dec
arrival at Prickly Bay, Grenada
breakfast muesli  bacon, tomato, scrambled eggs, sauté potatoes, coffee, toast, orange juice (after anchoring)          
lunch salami, tomato & cheese salad Ashore at the Boatyard Restaurant!          
snack   S          
salad bean salad L          
dinner Pablo's tuna, carrot & sesame stir fry with tofu and satay sauce



dessert   P          
Distance 138 nm            
LAND AHOY!            

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