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Up the Intracoastal Waterway from Lake Worth, Florida to Norfolk, Virgina - April - June 2002    


After dropping the hook in Lake Worth we experienced a really dramatic electrical storm. We put the GPS and laptop computer in the oven - the nearest we can get to a Faraday cage onboard! We later learned that our radar had been damaged, and several components needed to be replaced.

It was great to stop and have a rest and a good night's sleep; and we met up with some nice folks, John and Kathleen on a Spindrift 43 Khalis.

Last time we had been in Florida in 1994, we had been searching for a boat, so it felt really good to be back aboard our own.

This dramatic sky heralded a severe thunderstorm

With bad weather continuing offshore, we moved to Plan F: head up the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), until we can get back out to sea and head north. The last time Oasis had been in the ICW was on our maiden voyage with her, when we left Myrtle Beach Yacht Club at Little River inlet, back in May 1995.

We learned the protocol of the ICW by buddying up with another boat for the first few bridges. Most of the fast sportfish boats slowed down as they passed or overtook us, but not all, and their wakes would cause a lot of roll and much muttered cursing.

Progress was considerable slower along the ICW, as we could only travel during the day, but quite relaxing and we enjoyed the wildlife along the way and the numerous dolphins. With our draft being about 6', we used the forward looking sonar a lot to keep a check on the depth, and found it to be really helpful at forewarning us of the edge of the channel.

Oasis heading up the ICW, with our first view of multi-storey buildings in a long while

We approached our first bridge somewhat nervously. We knew that our mast should have a couple of feet clearance, but it's hard to be sure from down on the deck!


It soon became apparent that we wouldn't make it as far as South Carolina, let alone Virginia, before Graham needed to head off to his job in California, so we started trying to find a place to leave B and the boat for 6 weeks or so. At the Pelican Yacht Club, Fort Pierce, they kindly offered to let us use their phone and we tracked down a marina with enough depth and a space for us, at Oyster Creek Marina, St Augustine, Florida. (by now, this must be Plan G).

Soon after our arrival on 7th April we were able to see, in the distance, the Space Shuttle as it lifted off - what an incredible sight!

Flying our Cruising Association defaced ensign


The next 6 weeks or so at rest in Oyster Creek Marina, gave B plenty of time to get on with varnishing and completing the job which she had started in Trinidad, of applying gold paint to the escutcheons.

This was a great place to spend some time, as their was a lively community of live aboards and local people. Capn Easy's "Cold Beverage Friday" will long be remembered, along with the Up the Butt Chicken BBQ.....

Oyster Creek was within easy cycling distance of all the big stores on Highway 1, and the charming city of St Augustine. We stayed until June 10th, when it was time to head north to our summer quarters in York River, Virginia.



scenes on the ICW , Florida


At Oyster Creek, St Augustine
B and Judy (Nomad)
Cold Beverage Friday


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