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Up the Intracoastal Waterway from Lake Worth, Florida to Norfolk, Virginia - April - June 2002    


We left Oyster Creek marina at 07:30 am on 10th June 2002, under clear skies, with Wind ENE 5 - 10 knots and headed into the ICW, through St Augustine and on north. In order to reduce the duration of our passage, we decided to go out through Jacksonville inlet and take the offshore passage to Beaufort Inlet. The inlet was really rough with heavy seas, and it was a real struggle to keep the boat from broadsiding, but we had the current with us and succesfully negotiated our way through to open water.


Left: Broad Creek

We made good progress over the next couple of days. The 12th of June 2002 was a day of major events. We caught a mahi-mahi. We were visited by dolphins and then a turtle - and we completed our North Atlantic circumnavigation, crossing our outbound track from South Carolina which we had made in May 1996. The following day we made landfall again, and entered the ICW at Beaufort inlet and anchored at the mouth of Bonner Bay.


We then had a delightful few days travelling north on this section of the ICW, which was much quieter than down in Florida.

We paused at the River Forest Marina, Belhaven, to refuel, take on water, make phone calls home and drop off garbage.

That evening, we anchored at a lovely spot in Pungo Creek, at the head of the Alligator-Pungo canal. This canal was a delight, perfumed with magnolias, honeysuckle, jasmine and cypress trees.

We anchored at Broad Creek, where we seemed to have the world to ourselves. The following day was highlighted by the frequent osprey nests on the port and starboard marker towers, as we made our way towards Norfolk


When we arrived in Norfolk, Virginia, we made straight for the Waterside Marina. It was fantastic to meet up with Joel, Donna and Jayne from A Bientot, who are now living in Virgina Beach. We had time to go and see their lovely new home and have a walk along the beach with them (and Emma of course), before it was time to set off north again.

We passed the George Washington battle fleet in preparation for their trip to the Gulf, and their was plenty of military activity on the water, which required us to give them a wide berth.

On 18th June we tied up at the York River Yacht Haven, which was going to be Oasis' summer home.

Jayne, Joel and Belinda - a happy reunion in Norfolk


The people at York River Yacht Haven were really friendly and helpful and the yard was really clean and tidy. It was a good opportunity to get the hull cleaned and polished (especially after travelling through the brown waters of the ICW) and all the stainless sparkling again. Graham pulled the bobstay bracket bolt, which had been underwater a lot, and found that it was not at all corroded. We finally got around to putting 'London' under our name. There were good facilties too - a chandlery, restaurant, pool and all in pinewood countryside.

We had both planned to go visit our friends from Overstreet, Dave & Carol, in their home in Thousand Islands, NY; but my Dad was in hospital, so we rearranged my flight so that I could go directly from Beaufort back home and arrive in time for his birthday. Graham enjoyed a 4th July celebration in expansive style and joined me in England afterwards.





York River Yacht Haven
Dave & Carol's elegant summer quarters


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