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Update:     3rd September, 2000
Location:  Sheppard's Marina, Gibraltar
Position:   36° 08.963' N, 5 deg °21.199' W

On Tuesday 29th August we started the first leg of our journey and made passage from Puerto de la Duquesa to Gibraltar. The weather was dull and we even had a few drops of very dusty rain. With a light south-easterly, Gib was shrouded in a typical levanter cloud.

The trip was uneventful, apart from a close encounter with a group of Spanish fishing vessels who were concerned that we were going to run near their nets and waved us off around them.

The current was in our favour and we skirted around the large tankers lying off Europa point before dropping our sails in the lee of Rosia Bay, and moving slowly under power between the outer mole and the various tankers and container ships offshore, to the area adjacent to the airport runway, where  we arrived at the Customs dock soon after high water.

After a day's R & R at Marina Bay, we moved around to Sheppard's to get Oasis hauled out of the water for some bottom painting and so that the forward-looking sonar could be fitted.

What a heart-stopping moment, as the boat is lifted clear of the water and transported to ground level!

The anti-fouling (7 coats of Awlgrip) which Graham had carefully applied in Tollesbury, had lasted well, and only a bit of touching up is needed, and a new overcoat. We're also taking this opportunity to repaint the boot stripe in high gloss (and raise it a bit). As we can't get more Awlgrip, we will be using International Micron Extra this time.

On inspection of the propellor and shaft, it was decided that there was too much play and the cutlass bearing would need to be replaced. Removing the old one was easier than we expected and fortunately, a replacement was available from stock at Sheppard's.

Right next to us is Allen, from Kentucky, on Free Spirit. He is waiting for parts to complete his repairs. Today is an anti-fouling day for both of us!
Once our work is completed we will be moving back to Marina Bay and will complete provisioning before making our way to the Canaries via Morocco. We hope to visit Safi, Essaouira and Agadir before heading west to Puerto Callero in Lanzarote
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