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Update:     16th September, 2000
Location: Marina Bay, Gibraltar
Position:   36deg 08.952' N, 5 deg 21.179' W
Last Sunday (10th September) was Gibraltar's National Day. We arrived at Main Street just in time to see hundreds of Gibraltarians, wearing their national colours of red and white, parading through town to the footbal stadium, where there were rousing nationalist speeches, followed by the release of hundreds of red and white balloons.
It was great to have Rita & Dave to stay on Monday and get all the news from Nortel Networks. With their help we did the 'big shop' at Safeway's supermarket for stores and 'English' things like mustard, HP sauce, marmite and tea. Fruit & veg are expensive here - all imported of course (and not from Spain...) and prices similar to or higher than the UK, so we will cross the border to La Linea to buy those. There are some great things here though which are hard to find anywhere else - tinned butter and cheese, whole rounds of Edam, large containers of basmati rice - most of which we bought at Ramson's. And then there are the duty-free drinks - some prices are excellent and others reasonable (if not much different from Spain) - the local shop, Albor, are agents for Saccone & Speed and Anglo-Hispanic and will take an order and deliver to the boat.
Price examples:
1L Johnny Walker Red Label £6.00
1L Smirnoff Vodka (red label) £3.60
1L Larios Gin £3.10
70cl Janneau Armagnac VSOP £11.80
24 * 33cl cans San Miguel lager £8.30
The weather here is still hot and often humid. Today there is a good deal of cloud, and it's about 25C with a light westerley breeze. The outlook is fairly settled, so we hope it will be favourable for our departure on Monday 18th September

After fitting the new shaft (which we already had) and cutlass bearing, we found that the nut for our Auto Prop didn't fit, so we refitted our old prop
B doing maintenance on sea-cocks
Oasis with her smart new dark blue bottom, going back into the water
Left: a recognisable picture of Allen (Free Spirit), the first person to sign our visitors' book.
Right: Rita & Dave joined us for dinner at El Jabugo on the harbour front at Marina Bay (great prawns al pil-pil and tasty swordfish)
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