Web Hosting


We offer several different levels of hosting packages to suit your needs:

Earth for a starter site with just a few pages, and a handful of email addresses, this is just the ticket. £25 a year

Bronze More bandwidth, more email accounts, a couple of mailing lists, and up to 5 MySQL databases. You could start a shop with this. £35 a year

Silver More disk space, more bandwidth, up to 50 email addresses, 4 mailing lists and 10 databases. £55 a year

Gold With 5000Mb of storage and 75Gb of monthly bandwidth, this is as far as we go using shared hosting. £75 a year

Platinum Dedicated services for high bandwidth or high performance sites. Price depending on requirements.

All our hosting packages are supported by UK Web.Solutions Direct offering high performance Linux servers connected to the Internet by their premium UK network