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Breast Cancer  & Treatment Information
  • How to do a medline search
  • How to Read a [Medical] Paper
  • Infomed Drug Guide
  • Breast Cancer - are you aware?
  • Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR)
  • CancerWeb
  • CancerGuide: Steve Dunn's Cancer Information Page
  • Welcome to PubMed
  • National Breast Cancer Coalition
  • NCI's CancerNet- National Cancer Instititute
  • Oncolink Breast Cancer pages
  • Steve Dunn's cancer guide
  • CanSearch Websites
  • Renewing Life
  • Tamoxifen
  • use of Tamoxifen as prophylactic aid,
  • Tamoxifen: A Major Medical Mistake? 

  • by Sherrill Sellman
  • The trouble with tamoxifen 
  • by Dr. Zoltan P. Rona MD MSc 
  • The BCN Newsletter Links to news stories, along with an archive of of 1,500+ other cancer-related news items, are available 24 hours a day 
  • You might also look at Natural Health Consultants Cancer Pageand click on specific products for more information. They have a credibility rating index to indicate the research credibility of each product.
  • The Medical EdgeThe site combines the most up-to-date, most comprehensive medical reference resources on the Internet with such features as an interactive physician referral system, an on-line medical history registry and an innovative doctor inquiry service. It also provides the ability to order medical supplies and prescription drugs online.
  • Breast Cancer Resource Center - News, information, message boards, links, search engines, and more
  • Breast Cancer Book Store - Books on breast cancer, survival, and women's health
  • Breast Cancer Answers
  • On-Line Resources: Medical and Health
  • MAMM Magazine: Women, Cancer and Community
  • full-text of the book, The Other Face of Cancer by Dr Manu Kothari and Dr Lopa Mehta 
  • Musa Mayer's book 'Holding Tight, Letting Go'

    Screening, Testing & Pathology
    Side Effects of Treatment
    Is sometimes experienced by women who have had extensive surgery to remove their lymph nodes (axillary node dissection). There are some precautions that can be taken to try and avoid it, and also some treatments to try and reduce it. 
    Of course, menopause is a natural state. But for women undergoing chemotherapy, it is commonly brought about as a side effect of the treatment, and because it happens so suddenly, the change can be quite dramatic.One of the more common side effects of tamoxifen,  hot flashes, is also a symptom of the menopause. 
  • Hormone Foundation, 
  • Menopause / Power Surge Community For Women
  • Menopause
  • The North American Menopause Society
  • Menopause - Doctor's Guide to the Internet
  • Menopause
  • Financial Resources
    I have collated a number of financial resources from my bookshelf, mostly applicable to  North America. You can find these here
    Please email me if you have any suggestions for financial assistance elsewhere in the world, or for help with supplements or complementary therapies