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A Complementary Approach to Breast Cancer Therapies


Welcome to the Swallows Page!

here you can find information to support your decisions about treatment and to discover your path to healing

This website is undergoing a transformation, please forgive me if any of the links aren't working temporarily. Swallows would really appreciate your feedback and please send us anything that you would like to contribute to the site to make it of more use.

Read the transcript of the talk I gave in 1999 at the World Conference on Breast Cancer on the use of the Internet for support

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I started this group in April 1998, for the benefit of those, like myself, who wish to use conventional and alternative therapies for breast cancer in an integrated, complementary manner.

I identified a need for people approaching or already using conventional treatment to be able to gather information and share experiences with others, in a safe, supportive environment, where complementary therapies can be openly discussed.

The SWALLOWS-L mailing list provides such a place, for people from around the world.

From small acorns.....

Once there was a mailing list, I soon found that we needed a web site, to capture all the wonderful information that is shared on the list, and to provide a home for all the links and resources which we have gathered.

I hope that you will find all the resources that you need here or by joining our mailing list, but if you have any suggestions for things to add to this site, please use the feedback form

Please bookmark this page - our URL is now www.swallowsbc.org

Organisation of this site

The first section, Coping, has hints and tips from my online friends, who have shared their experiences with me. When you feel isolated, confused or at a loss as to what to do next, I hope you will find what you need here. If you have questions that haven't been answered, then try joining the mailing list, where you will find a bunch of warm hearted women who are willing to share what they are learning.
Next, there is the Resources section. This has links to sites that will give you more information about specific topics. So whether you are looking for information about a complementary or holistic therapy, want to know what the standard treatment is, need to understand your pathology report, want to find some support online or locally, or want to read about other people's experiences, or more besides, you will find a link here to get you started. I am in the process of trying to get this section updated, so if some links aren't working, I apologise in advance.
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Then we have the Books section. When it comes to getting back in control of things when your world seems to be falling apart, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to get informed. There are many excellent books that can help you. For this reason, I have chosen to provide links to the online bookstore AMAZON, both in North America and the UK. Their fast and efficient service and discounted prices means that wherever you live you can get the books you need within a few days.  I have built up a recommended reading list, which covers books on  all aspects of living with and beyond breast cancer, and periodically, I highlight those books which are being read and talked about. You can also use the search boxes below to look for specific books, DVD or other products on various topics. By using the links from these pages to buy things, you will also be helping to support Swallows.


For those in Europe : Search at amazon.co.uk

For those in North America and worldwide: Search at amazon.com 

There is a new section, Gallery.
This is empty at the moment, but is intended to hold photos which the Swallows list members would like to share with each other.
I will be developing an easy way for new photos to be added to this section

Finally, there is the Feedback form. You can use this to suggest additions to the site, give feedback on anything that is broken, ask for help about joining the mailing list, or ask questions. Again, I am proposing to make this a much more interactive site, and am planning to make it easy for list members to add content to the site. What else would you like to find here? Please let me know


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